All About Me

Hey there!

This page is supposed to be more personal and intimate than the other ones, and where I get nice and close to you to tell you what kind of b o a r d g a m e s I like to play and other saucy details. Allow me to publicly talk about myself without an 140 character limit.

I think it's kind of obvious that I enjoy coding/working on software (seeing as this site exists), but that's pretty surface level. Please don't perceive me as 'just a coder', I am much worse than that. If it's a nerdy hobby I'm probably invested in it. I play games poorly (board and video), I listen (and forget) to a bunch of podcasts, I follow tech/software news, and I build mechanical keyboards because pretty rectangles.

In a shitty attempt to diversify my interests, I've been leeching off of my friends; stealing their hobbies a fair bit. Recently (Q4 2021), I've been getting into stationary (pretty stickers and paper), fountain pens (though my writing is still pretty poor), and journaling (though it's like once a month). Another one has been 🌱. My track record for alive plants isn't great, but It's getting better with time (I think, they grow pretty slow). I will call it a success when my ivy grows taller than me.

I wish there was a term to say that you're 'into movies/tv' without saying things like 'fanatic', 'buff' or 'enthusiast'. Maybe other people know how to deliver those lines, but I KNOW I would come across douchey if I introduced myself as a 'movie buff'. Plus, if I even vaguely reference my movie podcast, I may as well tattoo "my opinion means shit" on my forehead.

All of this lead-in was to say that I don't really have 'refined' tastes or an artistic eye. I unironically love the Fast & Furious movies lol. In general though, I'd say my top genres for films are horror/animation/sci-fi. If you got any recs, feel free to hmu.

The 🔥 Picks

Everyone has a list of the things they like more than the other things they like. Here is where you'll find mine. I pick the categories at random, and don't really structure what goes on here, but they're fun little nuggets of info by which you can ruthlessly judge me!

These 🔥 picks are always changing, so if you think I'm wrong about any of these, I'm probably on your side, and I'll update it ASAP.

If we disagree, that's fine, this is my website, so I'll probably win 👌😎.


( People don't actually ask these,
this is just where I talk about myself )

"How did you make this site?"

Well it's on Github, so you can actually take a look yourself if you want to. It's really just an old Gatsby site and Netlify CMS on the backend. I use Netlify with Github for deployment and that works well enough for me.

The most attractive parts of the site are really just external libraries implemented in a way I found cute, and a shit ton of CSS on random components. "Anyone can wear the mask, you can wear the mask." - miles morales, spiderverse

"What makes a good movie in your eyes?"

If the world and characters are consistent and well-realized, I will usually enjoy the movie. Of course there needs to be an interesting conflict as well, but I find it extremely rewarding when characters are more gray, than just plain black and white. Motivations and shit I guess.

That, and a kickass soundtrack or art style. If you are going to be unique, don't half ass it. Media is a form of expression and I'd rather see a punchy, risky choice in your film/show than forgetful generic choices that don't ruffle feathers. Wes Anderson is one of my favs for that reason. Edgar Wright as well. Love my some bomb soundtracks.

"How much have you spent on mechanical keyboards?"

Why would I ever answer that? I'm sure you would like to know a number but I can assure you that I do Not. Whatever it is, I can safely assume it is 'Too Much'.

"Can we hang?"

if ur chill, ya y not