Hi there, My name is

Leander Rodrigues

and I would describe myself as


"Who are you again?"

Hey there web crawler, welcome to my site. It is supposed to be half-portfolio, half-personal outlet but honestly right now it's more like a neon LinkedIn page. Depending on what you're after, you can find some projects that I've built, notes from outdated courses, or maybe even a joke or two. Eventually I'll get consistent with my blog posts, but in the mean time you can find my socials on the footer.

So anyway, welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm a Software Engineer from Toronto(-ish), but working full time in San Francisco. At work or not, I like building things, and websites are a pretty lit place to keep and share those things. Hopefully some of the stuff here gives you a good look at the guy hiding behind the fancy CSS. Quick run down:

  name: "Leander Rodrigues",
  edu: {
    school: "University of Waterloo",
    program: "Nanotechnology Engineering",
    reason: "thought science was neat",
    'but why do you code now': "because labs broke me",
  location: "San Francisco, CA (probably)",

Yeah so I didn't go to school for Computer Science like the rest of the UW alumni in the Bay Area but I see that as an absolute mistake win. Learning things online is pretty nice, and surprisingly easy. But honestly this is what I meant with how this site kinda feels like a LinkedIn at times.

It's my site, I wanna talk about me. What's the point of having a site if not to stroke your own ego with snide comments and self-deprecating humour. If I sound interesting, or you're future me, re-reading this later to see what past me though was 'representative' of his entire being, check out my about me page.

As for the rest of this fancy site, I write some things, take some notes, and sometimes build stuff. If you like what you see, and decide I've passed the first gauntlet, check out my digi-resume or shoot me a message and I'll get back to you ASAP (maybe)!

"So, what do you do again?"

Well I guess that depends,
what would you like to see?

"Help me, I can't decide!"

I've picked a few goodies out,
maybe you'll like one?