Ranking the Infinity Saga

After all those explosions, I've finally finished re-watching the Infinity Saga's films (2008-2019). Here's the definitive list for how those movies compare against one another, with some helpful tiers as well.

Watching the Infinity Saga during Quarantine (Phase 3)

The finale to my blog post trilogy. Phase 3 is by far the biggest and I got some shit to say about a few of these films. Another friendly reminder, these aren't opinions -- they're objective truths.

Watching the Infinity Saga during Quarantine (Phase 2)

Finished up reviewing Phase 1, time to take on Phase 2. Just a reminder about these posts, they're literally only facts. I try my best not to include any subjective opinions in these posts.

Watching the Infinity Saga during Quarantine (Phase 1)

I decided to spent my valuable quarantine time binge watching the MCU movies in release date order. I plan on ranking them eventually, but for now I'm just reviewing them one by one, starting with the first phase. This post contains facts, and little to no opinions.

Beginner's Guide to DMing

I'm sure a 'beginner's guide' indicates that have some sort of authority but that's just silly. I don't actually know what I'm talking about, but I just started playing DnD 5e, and I want to talk about it

What I think of The Last of Us Part II

My personal review of The Last of Us Part II. It might be biased, it's probably wrong, but it's genuinely what I think of the game and how I've been thinking of it these past few days.

I have a podcast now

Yep, we finally went through with it and released a podcast. Were still amateur, and not that funny, or interesting or good, so you probably shouldn't listen to it.