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The 100 Movie Watchlist

Oh man, Jordine gave me this really cool poster for my birthday with 100 different classic films on it as scratch-off tiles. Boy howdy am I excited to demolish this thing.

The 100 Movie Watchlist

Man oh man, this is super exciting. This post should have probably been written months ago, but I run this town so whatever. A few months back, Jordine gave me an absolutely killer birthday gift, and I just want to waffle on about it for a lil' bit. It is a "100 Movies Hitlist" poster, with little squares depicting a bunch of modern awesome films. The cool part is the little squares are hidden behind scratch-offs, intended to be revealed after you've seen the movie! AHHH it's so cool. This isn't the bullshit most impactful movies where half of them are boring Italian dramas.

🔥🔥 This is the real deal, baller movie list 🔥🔥

Let me rattle off a few of them:

  • Fight Club
  • Dark Knight
  • Mean Girls
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Halloween
  • Spirited Away
  • American Psycho
  • Citizen Kane

These are like relatively new-ish and not just boring old historical films, and I think that's the best part. I actually find that when I throw on these movies I'm super interested, and even invested since the poster advocates for them. I'm only about 20% of the way through the entire poster, but there are a few movies I've never watched before that become favourites almost instantly. Let me throw out some of those:

  • The Intouchables
  • Leon: The Professional (Holy shit, Natalie Portman was so little)
  • Office Space (oh my god, this movie holds up)

This is literally the perfect gift for a guy like me. I'm a total achievement hunter. I get obsessed with seeing the 100% beside the games I play, and always have. These are the stats from my PS4 account, PS3 account, and Steam account.

My PS4, PS3 and Steam achievement showcase

Knowing that, it makes total sense that I decided to take this like an achievement list that I need to accomplish. I put all the movies into a digital to-do list and started checking them off whenever I had time: on trains, buses, before bed, while I should be doing something important, etc. That being said, I am playing it on hardmode.

I decided that I wouldn't scratch off movies I'd seen prior to getting the poster.

And honestly who can @me. These movies are awesome, and getting an excuse to rewatch films like Alien, orMemento, is just an opportunity I won't pass up on. This is even a cool date night event, since Jordine has never seen a movie in her life (or might as well have not, I mean who hasn't seen the Dark Knight, wtf). Now she can build up a movie knowledge background and go out into the world unafraid of pop culture, thanks to this poster.

This isn't an ad (but oh heck do I wish it was, this website just costs me money), but if hearing me chat has made you want the poster, it's available on Amazon with some cool variations too. Solid gift choice 👌👌

Anyway, I think I'm going to be putting up a few more posts with progress update: maybe at like 50%, 75% and 100%. Just thinking about getting to those number is hype, but damn that's a long time. I should probably set a schedule to watch like 2 a week or something, but we both know I'm too lazy for that.