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These are notes taken during some talks, random research stints, and while taking some neat online courses.

Advanced React & GraphQL

Course notes for Wes Bos' Advanced React course, covering Full-stack GraphQL, State Management with Apollo, SSR/Routing with Next, Testing with Jest, and eCommerce with Stripe!


These are some notes that I've taken during conference talks about becoming a better programmer or interviewee or well-rounded person


What's Docker? What's a container? How do I dockerize things? What does that mean? This category should help you out!


The most widespread distributed version control software in the modern age. Notes by a human for human, without all those extra flags from the actual docs

How To GraphQL

Course notes for an introductory course offered by howtographql.com. Full-stack introduction to GraphQL using Apollo, and Prisma

Learn Node

Course notes for Wes Bos' Learn Node course, explaining the intricacies behind express apps, MVC methodologies, authentication, and user account flow

Learn Redux

Course notes for Wes Bos' Learn Redux course, outlining the basic principles to understand when integrating Redux into an application

React 101

Course notes for Codecademy's React 101, and Wes Bos' React for Beginners course, providing an awesome resource to take your first step into React; life-cycle methods, managing state, prop-types and more!