Space Shooter

Space Shooter

This was pretty much just a demo game that was made along side a tutorial with Unity. It helped me get my footing with the platform for a project I was doing at work at the time, and honestly, it was a really fun experience just being able to work in the land of 3D when all I usually do is 2D web development.

How to Play

The controls are with the Arrow Keys, and you shoot by clicking. If you'd like to restart press R at the end of the game. Oh yeah, and it's endless, so uhhhh... Enjoy!

How it works

Unity do math, and make ship zoom.

No but seriously, a lot of the heavy-lifting is being done by the game engine. All I'm doing is just adding some lighting, game elements, edge detection, collision detection and scripts for movement. All the math, and calculations and realistic modelling/graphics and stuff that makes it a game; that's Unity