Sick Fits

Sick Fits

Sick Fits is a eCommerce website built on a super fresh framework of Prisma, GraphQL-Yoga, React (Next), and Apollo, but even has some other buzzwords like JWTs, Jest, and Enzyme.

Totally functional, fluid animations, and a clean design, so feel free to peruse the site and pick something up to 👚 freshen up your wardrobe 👗.

I don't think I need to say it, but this guy is just a demo running a Stripe Testing environment. You don't actually have to put your real credit card in, but you're welcome to try I guess 😂.

Using the app

You've been to other online merchants haven't you?! Just browse around the multitude of clothes until you find something you fancy. After that, you should probably make an account so you can actually buy something.

With an account set up, you'll have access to the bulk of the application, including the ability to sell your own products (and manage them), view your profile, add items to your cart, checkout/purchase those items, and review past orders as well!

How it Works

This app follows a very similar stack to the Stacker News. It is built on a Prisma backend that's been deployed to Heroku, since they have an awesome integration set up. Another GraphQL-Yoga server sits on top of the backend, and acts as the proxy for the database manipulations, and also sits on Heroku!

For the Frontend, it was built entirely in the React framework Next for the quick loading, built-in SSR, and Router, but also uses Apollo for GraphQL/caching. I even managed to write a heck of a lot of tests for the frontend in Jest (for logic) and Enzyme (for testing, shallow rendering and mounting components)!

For authentication between to the frontend and backend, JWTs were used in request cookies to ensure a secure connection! Credit card checkout is also handled completely through Stripe, that way I don't have to touch any credit card details in the app 😁😁.